Addition shown glowing at dusk 
  Original brick coach-style house with new cedar-clad addition
  New private balcony aligned with alleyway below
  Balcony designed to strategically allow for open views across the city while maintaining privacy 
  In warmer months, the full-glazed sliding door allows the room to extend to the exterior
  Created to echo the experience of a boutique hotel suite, opening the bathtub to the rest of the room allows for an intimate sharing of the space
  Heated stone floors elegantly define the wet area while maintaining the openness of the space 
  Custom-designed mahogany millwork integrating bathtub and sink into a single element 
  Flipper boxes for shoe storage are one of many ways storage spaces was maximized and cleverly concealed 
  Wall-mounted tv swivels to allow for viewing from bed, bath and balcony
  Millwork units double as a room wall, and frame view to the exterior
  Interior and exterior elements throughout the house reflect a consistent approach to proportion and detailing of materials
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