Teak wall and ceiling panels frame the kitchen and path to the back door and   complement the open layout and back window of residential designer, Dean Ruffalo of Dero Designs.
  Earthy and elegant kitchen finishes, pulls, and careful detailing, along with teak wood panelling, were chosen to enhance the kitchen which had initial design done by residential designer Dean Ruffalo, of Dero Designs.
  The selection of finishes, fixtures and furnishings was made in close consultation with the client, and lends the space a distinct character
  A wrapping of teak panels is mirrored at the front of the house, delineating the entrance and exit passages and creating an architectural unity in the space
  An iridescent and graphic wallpaper form a contrasting backdrop to the art deco inspired handrail design
  The millwork elements work to define a clear design structure and identity to the ground floor, while maintaining the flexibility of an open-space concept.
  These multi-functional panel units contain storage and seating elements, and are accentuated with specialty lighting. 
  The major design gestures works in synergy with the smaller, more carefully detailed elements, such as the stair rails and treads
  The custom designed mirror cabinet and display shelving, along with selection of fixtures and tiles, make this compact washroom layout simple and striking
  Glass pendants, wall to wall mirror and suspended vanity come together to create an elegant and bright   ensuite   
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