A full wall of built-in storage and pantry space under the stair incorporates the fridge, freezer, a custom wine storage piece, and open pantry shelves for convenient storage of spices, dry goods, and a nook to store pet food.
  Custom pantry shelves store spices and dry goods
  The texture and warmth of the original brick is strategically exposed in and tied in with the clean, modern materials of the kitchen.
  Drawing from one of the owner's experience as a chef, the kitchen is inspired by a commercial kitchen crossed with the honest functionality of Julia Childs' workspace. Walls of durable metal pegboard embody the project's authentic approach in which the tools of everyday life are displayed as objects, while simultaneously making kitchen utensils convenient to use.
  A wood shelf links the kitchen and dining rooms together - in places it becomes a deep sill by the kitchen window for plants and herbs, here in the dining room it becomes a ledge for family photos and kids’ art.
  A modern plan combines the kitchen and dining areas into a large common room that is meant for cooking, entertaining and gathering. Double stoves with a stainless steel backsplash, the exposed joist ceiling, and open pegboard for storing cookware and utensils gives the kitchen an honest, utilitarian feel inspired by industrial kitchens.
  The entry foyer features the texture, colour and character of the encaustic tile floor set against clean white walls accented by old components of the original home.
  Double sinks in the upstairs bathroom allows the family’s two young boys to get ready for school at the same time.
  The bathroom sinks are separated from the toilet and shower by a sliding door so as to allow a family of 4 to most efficiently use the space of a single bathroom. A water-resistant redwood shelf ties the two rooms together and allows for storage of various products around the bathroom.
  The bathroom is generously lit by natural light from two skylights above. A subtle but graphic pattern plays with the finish of standard white subway tile and wraps all sides of the ‘wet-room.’ A wall-hung toilet floats off the floor and makes for easy cleaning.
  Inset niches in the shower provide space for storing bath products at the heights of various family members.
  A simple rod fashioned from standard plumbing components hangs from the custom redwood shelf.
  The upstairs family room becomes a cozy spot for movies and relaxing. A reclaimed wood door slides on a custom track.
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