The home's main feature is a composition white and steel-wrapped cabinets that continues from the kitchen and soars up to the second-floor mezzanine as a bold gesture linking the two spaces.
  A spacious kitchen is large enough for two to cook at once and features a double wall oven and wide gas cooktop. The geometric backsplash tile organically dissipates along the side wall.
  The dining table occupies an especially lofty location with over 20 foot ceilings and generous amounts of daylight flooding in from the windows above.
  The millwork wall is composed of an interlocking combination of white and cold-rolled steel custom wrapped doors; where they pull apart, the backsplash tile is revealed, thoughtfully illuminated by under-cabinet LED lighting.
  In the kitchen, the geometric backsplash tile mediates a dialogue between the stark white cabinetry with integrated linear pulls, and the textured industrial patterns that mark the steel upper-cabinet doors.
  This project seeks balance through a play of contrasts between old and new; open and closed; starkness and coziness.
  The kitchen and dining room occupy bright lofty spaces while the bedroom is tucked  under the warmly lit mezzanine floor.
  When the bedroom bifold doors and the powder room pocket door are closed, they all align perfectly to close off the private zones of the house from the common spaces of the ground floor.
  Tucked away, an efficient powder room acts as a guest bathroom and shower, but disappears completely when not in use.
  A new stair is divided from the entryway by a wood privacy screen and winds upstairs to the mezzanine, and then further up onto the roof terrace above. The original brick wall is left exposed along this wall and was stained to a soft, muted grey colour. Storage for bikes and luggage is cleverly tucked below the staircase.
18013_180226_168 copy.jpg
  Below the mezzanine, the master bedroom is a cozy, warm retreat that stands in contrast to the lightness and whiteness of the rest of the home. Steel beams and the wood decking are exposed on the ceiling above to maximize the available height, and the bed is tucked into a wall of millwork that includes plenty of clothes storage, and niche shelves on either side of the bed.
  Exposed steel beams are celebrated as remnants from the building's previous life. LED strip lights accentuate the rich texture of the steel and bounce light off the exposed wood decking above, casting a warm glow throughout the bedroom.
  The ensuite bathroom is tucked away and features a spa-like built-in tub and shower. A beautiful black limestone with subtle coppery veining is a luxurious backdrop to the room.
  A small shower niche is carved out of the side wall to provide a ledge for soaps and shampoos. 
  Upstairs, the mezzanine space serves as a relaxed living space for lounging, entertaining, and TV-watching. North-facing windows and a large skylight provide generous amounts of light, which filters down to the floor below.
  In winter months, the wood-burning fireplace serves as the focal point for the room. Steel-lined shelves in the adjacent millwork are a durable and convenient place for firewood storage.
  In summer months, the roof terrace, and mezzanine work in tandem as an indoor-outdoor space for entertaining and lounging, with a view of the sky.
  Mounted on an adjustable arm, the TV shifts upward for movie-watching to an ergonomic height for ideal viewing, while remaining discreetly tucked away when not in use.
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