A refined, wood reception desk design by Alex Arnott Design, greets visitors and employees upon entering the office. A glazed partition containing the conference room serves as the backdrop to the reception area. The graphic is a modern abstraction/re-interpretation of classic law book spines and represents the edgy and contemporary culture of many of the law chambers.
  A custom glass film is applied from floor to ceiling to provide privacy at eye-level while still permitting light to penetrate through the conference room. The texture is inspired by the spines of law books with their characteristic banding and embossed gold text, blown up dramatically in size.
  A cozy seating area is tucked away near the reception for guests and clients to wait between meetings, and for employees to relax throughout the day.
  An ensemble of midcentury furniture, and a bold, rich colour palette are in stark contrast to many sterile, downtown law offices. Bringing touches of residential design into the workplace helps to humanize the office experience, and create a comfortable, productive environment.
  The conference room features a long, custom walnut table, and features views overlooking the busy activity of Spadina Ave below.
  The glass film provides just the right amount of privacy required for meetings to continue without the visual distractions of people coming and going from the reception area beyond.
  The open plan office embraces and celebrates the building's heavy timber bones. Drywall is used judiciously to define paths of travel, and provide opportunities for recessed lighting where required, without overwhelming the heavy timber structure or robbing the interior of its industrial charm.
  Elsewhere, a textured glass plane, and small strip of drywall ceiling helps to delineate the common areas (kitchen) from circulation paths and offices, without making the interior feel boxed-in. The textured graphics references the traditional banding found ubiquitously on spines of law textbooks.
  A bank of full height closets are tucked discreetly off the reception area for communal jacket storage.
  Custom, extra-long, walnut closet pulls are subtle details that elevate the space.
  Open workstations are aligned to the heavy timber columns whereas closed spaces line the perimeter, creating an interior streetscape. Common meeting rooms are treated with a custom graphic film, like the conference room, to distinguish them from individual offices.
  The wood structure's richness is contrasted against floating planes of crisp drywall.
  A corner office includes a generous work desk, and lounge area for more casual meetings.
  The corner office lounge includes two custom tables with olive green metal bases. The round coffee table has a glass top that showcases the law book-spine graphic also found on the conference room glazing.
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