The new sleek materials were carefully composed to juxtapose the warm brick wall and exposed wood ceiling joists, creating a harmonious balance of old and new    
  Feature steel and glass stair provide a focal point in the space
  Rich, wood elements balancing cool, sleek, reflective surfaces
  A unique, carefully crafted intersection of spaces and materials
  The client's desire for a kitchen that 'felt like a machine' informed the selection of robust, commercial-grade finishes, hardware and fixtures. 
  The composition of materials, dropped ceiling, and millwork storage element work to distinguish the entrance to the home
  Storage closets were designed around three vintage metal lockers, one for each child in the family. Inset metal floor grate captures dirt and mud at entrance
  Switch cover inset into entrance millwork 
  The projection of the dropped ceiling expands the entryway, while the millwork acts as a warm wood backdrop for the living space
  Open-tread stair allows for maximum light and visibility through the space 
  In the open studio area, a vibrant blueprint-blue chalkboard 'idea wall' - a nod to the client's industrial design background - acts as a surface for playful messages, drawings, and homework
  Trough sink allows all three children to brush their teeth at once. Inset open wood shelves are custom designed to hold bathroom accessories
  Carefully composed shelving placement
  Steam shower fits full family of five
  Oversized porcelain floor tiles with board-pressed concrete texture was chosen to compliment the industrial material palette, while maintaining a spa-like sophistication 
  A bright, generous bathroom for a family of five to share comfortably 
  Whimsical elements integrated into the functional design, add subtle splashes of colour into the space
  Off-the-shelf glass containers are inset into wood shelves to allow for the orderly storage of bathroom supplies
  Stainless steel toothbrush holders for each of the three children are inset into the wood shelves
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